Jennifer Lela Moniz, Psy.D., is a 2020 graduate of the Psy.D. Program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, New England

Dissertation Committee:

  • Kathi A. Borden, PhD, Committee Chair
  • Gina Pasquale, PsyD, Committee Member
  • Vincent Pignatiello, PsyD, Committee Member


trauma, children, assessment, self-report measures, caregiver reports, correlations, PTSD

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Early detection and interventions are important for the prevention of negative long-term effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Current evaluations of PTSD in young children rely heavily on caregiver reports, and there are few self-report measures for children under 8 years old (Mash & Barkley, 2007). This study examined the construct validity of the Post Traumatic Symptom Inventory for Children (PT-SIC), a self-report measure of PTSD symptomatology for young children, through a comparison of results with the Trauma Symptom Checklist for Young Children (TSCYC), an empirically supported caregiver measure of child PTSD symptomatology. Results of the Spearman correlation indicated that there was a significant positive relationship between child reports of arousal symptoms and caregiver reports, (rs(2) = .518, p < .01). However, limitations of the current study increased the risk of error and decreased the generalizability of the results. Suggestions for future research are discussed.


Jennifer Lela Moniz

ORCID Scholar ID# 0000-0003-2319-2984