Accelerating Diverse Leader Readiness Through Foresight and Futures Thinking


Leadership, Management & Business


Chapter published in the book: Futures thinking and organizational policy : Case studies for managing rapid change in technology, globalization and workforce diversity. Springer Publishing

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Book Chapter

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This chapter highlights Mayo Clinic’s journey to accelerating diverse leader readiness through foresight and futures thinking. Workforce leadership diversity has a substantial impact on organizational economic, political, and cultural wellbeing. Research still places women in < 5% of CEO positions (Chira in New York Times, 2017; Kaiser and Wallace in Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 68:72, 2016), and suggests the inability to recruit and retain women and ethnic minorities in healthcare professions puts the future of academic medicine in jeopardy (cited by Murrell and South-Paul in Mentoring diverse leaders, Routledge, New York, NY, pp. 85–103, 2017). The challenge lies in sustainable strategies to close the gap and promote a culture where all levels of leadership are more inclusive of women and ethnic minorities (Johns 2013). Mayo Clinic discovered a dearth of preparation for leadership that mirrors the global society. These findings resulted in a targeted development program to ensure a diverse leadership talent pool is prepared to effectively lead with fortitude and impact through rapid global, technological, and environmental changes.