Adaptive Practices on Global Virtual Teams


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Book Chapter

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Global Virtual Teams (GVTs) are a go-to adaptive response to an environment where teams must operate within the constraints of working virtually. They work across barriers such as space, time, and cultures. Reliance on these teams as a solution to new work norms will only continue to increase. GVTs often face unpredictable work experiences in environments that call for adaptive leadership practices, with ever-changing priorities that introduce new types of challenges. GVTs existed pre-pandemic and, particularly with the projection of work-from-anywhere practices, these teams are here to stay and may soon represent the norm.

This chapter explores GVTs and their capacity to address adaptive challenges in the 21st century by offering distributed expertise, shared leadership practices, and interventions to deal with technical and adaptive challenges.


Published as a chapter of Rasmussen, H.T. (2021). Adaptive Leadership in a Global Economy: Perspectives for Application and Scholarship (M. Raei, Ed.) (1st ed.). Routledge.