The birth of Coaching: a quiet and profound revolution


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People often ask us, you are called the "Innovation Leadership Center", where is your innovation reflected? Regarding this question, we have too much to answer. One of the answers is that many classic theories, tools and courses in the field of leadership have been born in CCL, a fertile soil for cultivating innovation. For example, as mentioned in our previous article, Bob Eichinger and Mike Lombardo created the "70-20-10 rule" and experience-driven development, which later became the "gold standard" for organizational learning and development. ; David Horth and Chuck Palus invented the Visual Explorer™, which has become the "guests" of many of our leadership courses, and there are many imitators. The story I will tell you today is about how the world’s earliest leadership development course spawned the industry of executive coaching. It originated from CCL veteran Bob Dorn’s reflection and challenge on the mainstream methods of mental care at the time. He gained greater potential in the three-year successful experiment of the Peace Corps, and finally rushed to the sea of leadership and aroused A blossoming spray. Next, please follow Dr. Laura Santana, the author of this article and CCL global leadership mentor, to embark on this wonderful journey together.