You First: Leadership for a New World—“SWOT’samatteryou”


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As I was packing up my office for a recent move, I stopped for a moment to reflect on my framed 1987 Life Magazine centerfold of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Washington Bullets players Tyrone Curtis “Muggsy” Bogues and Manute Bol, standing side-by-side. It still amazes me that Muggsy is five feet three (and still the shortest NBA player of all time) and Manute is seven feet seven (still the tallest, although he shares this honor with Gheorghe Muresan).

Why do I like this picture so much? First and foremost, it’s inspiring. It reinforces a wonderful quote from Arthur Ernest Morgan: “The chief limitations of humanity are in its visions, not in its powers of achievement.” If Muggsy Bogues can become an NBA first-round draft pick, what’s holding me back? Or you?


Editors’ note: This column comes from the Fall 2018 issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly. Part of this column was adapted from Chapter 5 of Mark Light’s Results Now for Nonprofits: Strategic, Operational, and Governance Planning (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011).