Experiential training in multicultural counseling: implementation and evaluation of counselor process

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Experiential training in multicultural counseling: implementation and evaluation of counselor process


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Multicultural competencies : a guidebook of practices


Gargi. Roysircar, Daya Singh Sandhu, Victor E. Bibbins


pt. One. Counseling multicultural training. Ch. 1. Experiential training in multicultural counseling: implementation and evaluation of counselor process / Gargi Roysircar ... et al. -- Ch. 2. Multicultural competency interventions for building positive racial identity in white counselor trainees / Daya Singh Sandhu & Eugenie Joan Looby -- Ch. 3. "Walking the talk": simulations in multicultural training / Paul B. Pedersen -- Ch. 4. Engaging students in the quest for competence in multiculturalism: an expanded view of mentoring / Azara L. Santiago-Rivera & Marcia Moody -- Ch. 5. Cultural considerations in counselor training and supervision / Marie Faubert & Don C. Locke -- pt. Two. Multicultural interventions. Ch. 6. Women of color and substance abuse: a counseling model for an African American woman client / Octavia Madison-Colmore & James I. Moore III -- Ch. 7. Multicultural issues in assessment: assessment procedures with a Latina / Robert M. Davison Avilés -- Ch. 8. The power of context: counseling South Asians within a family context / Arpana G. Inman & Nita Tewari -- Ch. 9. Deconstructing Black gay shame: a multicultural perspective on the quest for a healthy ethnic and sexual identity / Ron McLean -- Ch. 10. Use of narratives, metaphor, and relationship in the assessment and treatment of a sexually reactive Native American youth / Lisa L. Frey -- Ch. 11. Multiculturalism and immigrants / Jane Uchison -- pt. Three. Multicultural practices applied to theory and setting. Ch. 12. Multicultural competencies and group work: a collectivistic view / Tarrell Awe Agahe Portman -- Ch. 13. Culture-centered counseling from an existential perspective. what does it look like and how does it work for an African American woman client? / Marcheta P. Evans & Albert A. Valadez -- Ch. 14. Including spirituality in multicultural counseling: overcoming counselor resistance / Kathy M. Evans -- Ch. 15. Applying multicultural competencies in the school setting: sexual identity of an African American adolescent / Canary C. Hogan -- Ch. 16. Culturally diverse clients in employment counseling: what do multiculturally competent counselors need to know to be effective? / S. Craig Rooney & William M. Liu -- Ch. 17. Multiculturalism in cyberspace: hypertext hyperbole or a bridge between people? / Michael D. Hawkins -- pt. Four. Multicultural organizational development. Ch. 18. Against the odds: successfully implementing multicultural counseling competencies in a counseling center on a predominantly White campus / Mary A. Fukuyama & Edward A. Delgado-Romero -- Ch. 19. Transforming college campuses: implications of the multicultural competencies guidelines / Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan & Deborah J. Taub -- Ch. 20. Applying multicultural competencies in predominantly White institutions of higher education / Patricia Arredondo -- Ch. 21. Multicultural practices in historically Black institutions: the case of Lincoln University / Queen Dunlap Fowler -- Ch. 22. Multiculturalism in the military / Jim Henderson -- Afterword. The competent practice of multicultural counseling: making it happen / Judy Lewis.






Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (U.S.)


Alexandria, VA

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