Disaster counseling: A Haitian family case post January 12, 2010 earthquake

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Disaster counseling: A Haitian family case post January 12, 2010 earthquake


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International case studies in mental health


Senel Poyrazli & Chalmer E. Thompson


Senel Poyrazli′s and Chalmer Thompson′s International Case Studies in Mental Health presents a variety of global cases from both developed and developing countries, detailing descriptions of the people who are seeking help to eliminate their distress and of the exceptional practitioners who provide the help. In most of the cases, the practitioner is someone who shares a similar heritage with her or his help-seeker, and who is influenced at least partly by Western psychotherapy traditions. Each chapter also is a showcase of how scholars pair up with mental health practitioners to create a work that weaves together contextual and individual qualities to inform an understanding of the help-seeker and the intervention.

This book aims to help prepare both mental health trainees and practicing professionals to be effective in the provision of healing in their work with people in different regions of the world. Consequently, the authors hope to offer practitioners a glimpse of what can be achieved in these regions by people whose reputations within the respective communities are strong.






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