Jason Arkin is a 2012 graduate of the PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Santa Barbara


ADHD, inattentive, perception, competence, quantitative, mental health professionals, teachers

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Objective: To determine whether the presence of an ADHD-PI label influenced adult perceptions of a female adolescent’s social competence. Method: Forty four primary and secondary teachers and 54 mental health professionals rated their perceptions based on a vignette that included or did not include the label ADHD-PI. Results: The ADHD-PI labeled vignettes elicited more negative perceptions of the child’s social acceptance and ability to make close friends. Also, mental health professionals rated the girl as more socially accepted, regardless of diagnosis. There were no other significant main effects and there were no significant interaction effects. Conclusion: The presence of an ADHD-PI label has a significant influence on how the child is perceived by caregivers, and teachers are more likely to have less positive perceptions of adolescents with attention differences than do mental health professionals in certain domains. The electronic version of the dissertation is accessible at the Ohiolink ETD center