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Dr. Heather Forest is a 2007 graduate of the PhD Program in Leadership & Change at Antioch University

Photograph by Lucas Foglia

Track 01 .. Listen to Heather's Author Introduction

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  • ETD Innovative Award, Networked Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations, June 2008.
  • Outstanding ETD Scholarship Award, Ohio Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association, March, 2008

Heather's dissertation was accompanied by 24 mp3 audio files, linked from within the PDF.

Dr. Forest is a professional storyteller and an author of several books. See the Comments box below for further information on the author.


storytelling, leadership training, creative thinking, change leader, arts-based research, autoethnography, communication skills

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Storytelling is one of humanity's oldest art forms and an enduring educational method. Stories can spark social change. Although storytelling is tacitly recognized in diverse social science domains as a communication medium used to powerfully transmit leadership vision and ideas, little empirical research has been reported about how a teller constructs and tells a story. Through qualitative, arts-based methods, this heuristic study examines and describes the lived experience of a storyteller composing and performing a tale on issues of peace, justice, and social change. It reflects on the teller as leader and identifies a palette of arts-based skills for change leaders. As a professional storyteller, I phenomenologically explored the essence, or nature, of a storyteller’s creative process by creating a storytelling work. The storytelling work I composed as a research vehicle is based on a travel diary written during a time of war in Israel in July, 2006. Utilizing art making as an inquiry method, I mindfully became an embodied research environment during this study. I gathered emic, or insider, information about the imaginal world of a storyteller. Through a literary, autoethnographic writing process, I observed, described, interpreted, and named the steps in my creative process as I designed, rehearsed, and performed an original storytelling work. The work interweaves personal memoir, history, folklore, and current events. Commonalities between the storyteller (composing and performing a complex tale) and a change leader (designing and communicating a change vision) emerged. Storytelling communication skills and creative thinking ability are core competencies in artfully leading change. Arts-based training in storytelling could provide change leaders with experiential knowledge about innovative thinking and an appreciation for the power of story and metaphor to convey ideas. Storytelling can be an illuminating art medium through which to inspire peace, justice, and positive social change. This document contains embedded graphic files (JPG) and is accompanied by audio files (MP3).


Heather Forest, Ph.D. :

An award winning professional storyteller and author, Dr. Forest is founder & exeutive director of Story Arts. She teaches and performs at schools, conferences, festivals and workshops, worldwide. Heather also is an adjunct professor of Oral Tradition at Southern Connecticut State University. She has also written seven children's books based on folktales. More info and further bio. at :

Heather's Website: Story Arts
Dr. Forest's professional website is rich with storytelling and teaching resources.
Heather's Blog and Subscribe to her monthly newsletter re. the art of telling tales:
Books by Heather Forest : Amazon

track_01.mp3 (1836 kB)
Author’s Audio Comments (Duration 1:57)

track_02.mp3 (5250 kB)
King Solomon and the Otter Song (Duration 05:35)

track_03.mp3 (3895 kB)
Two Possibilities Poem (Duration 04:09)

track_04.mp3 (1115 kB)
Invitation to Listen (Duration 01:11)

track_05.mp3 (1570 kB)
Paradox Song (Duration 01:40)

track_06.mp3 (1115 kB)
Invitation Song (Duration 01:11)

track_07.mp3 (3997 kB)
Entrance Interview (Duration 04:15) 184

track_08.mp3 (8672 kB)
Rabin Square, King Solomon and the Otter (Duration 09:14)

track_09.mp3 (7110 kB)
Carob Tree Garden, Planting Trees, Honi Stories (Duration 07:34)

track_10.mp3 (5334 kB)
Katzrin Talmudic Village, Two Possibilities (Duration 05:41)

track_11.mp3 (799 kB)
Carob Seed in My Pocket (Duration 00:50)

track_12.mp3 (1612 kB)
Machon Ayalon Bullet Factory (Duration 01:43)

track_13.mp3 (809 kB)
Radio On (Duration 00:51)

track_14.mp3 (1815 kB)
War (Duration 01:56)

track_15.mp3 (2534 kB)
Sde Boker (Duration 02:42)

track_16.mp3 (814 kB)
Bombing Begins (Duration 00:52)

track_17.mp3 (825 kB)
Cattle Car (Duration 00:52)

track_18.mp3 (3698 kB)
Yad Vashem (Duration 03:56)

track_19.mp3 (672 kB)
Nightly News (Duration 00:43)

track_20.mp3 (449 kB)
1948 (Duration 00:28)

track_21.mp3 (3140 kB)
Masada (Duration 3:20)

track_22.mp3 (270 kB)
Dead Sea (Duration 00:17)

track_23.mp3 (2417 kB)
Art Therapist (Duration 02:34)

track_24.mp3 (2160 kB)
Who’s Crazy? (Duration 2:18)

track_25.mp3 (1776 kB)
Museum of the Seam (Duration 01:53)

track_26.mp3 (3135 kB)
Exit Interview and Paradox Song (Duration 03:20)

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