Carrie Hatch, Ph.D., is a 2022 graduate of the PhD Program in Marriage and Family Therapy at Antioch University, New England

Dissertation Committee:

  • Lucy Byno, PhD, Committee Chair
  • Kevin Lyness, PhD, Committee Member
  • Bryson Greaves, PhD, Committee Member


feminist family therapy (FFT), critical race theory (CRT), diversity, equity, inclusion, power, privilege, competency-based learning

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Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) and Couple and Family Therapists (CFTs) engage in clinical practice from a systemic framework. This framework positions MFTs to consider the impact of social systems on the MFT/CFT field and their clients. Issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, power, and privilege (DEIPP) impact all of the systems in which we operate. Currently, there is no consensus on a tool measuring training clinicians’ competencies related to DEIPP beyond self-report. There is a need for a DEIPP competency measure because, currently, the most widely used measure is self or observer report, which may not provide a complete picture of a training clinician’s competencies. This study utilized Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Feminist Family Therapy (FFT) to guide a thorough review of the literature. This process solidified domain and construct generation and then further synthesized item generation. This Delphi study was used to reach a consensus on item reduction. The survey contained 322 questions related to DEIPP. These questions were divided into three domains, attitudes self-report, multicultural knowledge questions, and clinical application vignettes. Specifically, this study’s goal was to reach a consensus on item generation through two rounds of Delphi surveys sent to each participant; thus, establishing content validity. Five experts provided insight and feedback to address the domain definitions and items generated. The major contribution of this research is the completion of stage 1 for developing a measure that will address DEIPP competencies in MFT/CFT.


Carrie Hatch

ORCID Scholar ID# 0000-0002-8874-8309