Rosalind F. Cohen, Ph.D. is a 2022 graduate of the PHD Program in Leadership and Change at Antioch University.

Rosalind Cohen at her Dissertation Defense.

From L-R: Dr. Beth Mabry, Committee Member, Dr. Lize Booysen, Committee Chair, Dr. Allan Church, Committee Member.

Dissertation Committee

  • A.E. Lize Booysen, D.B.L., Committee Chair
  • Beth Mabry, Ph.D., Committee Member
  • Allan Church, Ph.D., Committee Member


inclusive leadership, employee engagement, mixed-methods, individual and social identity, human resources, talent acquisition, for-profit companies, recruiting, organizational success

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In light of the current economic conditions in the United States brought about by the COVID pandemic, the war for talent is at a high point, and the acquisition and retention of qualified employees are highly competitive. Because employees want to feel challenged by their work and need to feel a sense of belonging, organizations that create engaging and inclusive cultures are at an advantage and need to understand how leadership behaviors can impact these cultures. This three-phased exploratory concurrent mixed-methods research study posed two questions to bring light to the relationship between Inclusive Leadership, Employee Engagement, and individual or social identity. The first question explored whether there is a relationship between the dimensions of Inclusive Leadership as related to aspects of Employee Engagement. The second is whether there are differences in the relationship between Inclusive Leadership and Employee Engagement by individual or social identity. The research findings indicate that inclusive leadership is related to certain aspects of employee engagement and provide a pragmatic model for use by Human Resources Professionals in the hiring and retaining of qualified talent within organizations. This dissertation is available in open access at AURA ( and OhioLINK ETD Center (


Rosalind F. Cohen

ORCID Scholar ID #: #0000-0003-0868-5393

Rosalind F. Cohen has over 25 years of experience as a Human Resources professional working in such industries as financial services, asset management, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Higher Education. She is currently the CEO and Founder of Socius Strategies, a San Francisco-based consultancy that helps companies develop a culture of inclusion and belonging designed to support diverse people and organizational growth. In addition to her work with non-profit, start-up, and for-profit companies, Rosalind leverages her experience and insights to provide guidance, support, and mentorship to other HR professionals. Rosalind has achieved certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). She attended Stony Brook University, where she received both her BA in Psychology and MA in Public and Educational Management. She also completed her Ph.D. at Antioch University in 2022. Her dissertation was entitled, “The relationships between dimensions of inclusive leadership and aspects of employee engagement: Crucial connections for organizational success.”