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Naomi Nightingale, PhD, is a 2014 graduate of the PhD Program in Leadership and Change at Antioch University.

Videos embedded above: 1) Author Introduction to Dissertation 2) Author's Case for Future Activism

Dr. Nightingale at her Dissertation Defense

Left to Right : Dr. Carolyn Kenny, Dissertation Chair, Dr. Naomi Nightingale, Dr. Lize Booysen, Committee Member.

[Not Shown: Dr.Aretha F. Marbley, External Reader

This dissertation is accompanied by 16 MP4 video files and a Dissertation Summary [PDF]. Six of the MP4 files
are embedded in the Dissertation PDF and 10 are embedded in the Dissertation Summary. The videos inisde the PDF will play within the text if the PDF is viewed with Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. All of the videos are accessible as supplemental files below.


African American men, criminality, recidivism, turning point, desistance, successful reentry, criminals, ex-offenders, redemption, narrative inquiry, storytelling, Black communities, Blacks, prison system, interviews, change, social justice

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The United States of America has more than 2.3 million persons incarcerated in state and federal prisons.In 2011 more than 700,000 prisoners were released from prisons back into the communities, mostly urban, from where they came.Upon their attempt to reenter society, persons released from prison are faced with overwhelming odds threatening their successful reentry at every critical element necessary for life and wellbeing—food, housing, health care, treatment for drug addictions, employment, counseling, family support and close personal relationships.This research reflects the voices of African American men who tell their personal stories of criminal life, imprisonment, recidivism, and the point at which they turned from crime to desisting—breaking the cycle of recidivism.African American Men Who Give Voice to the Personal Transition from Criminality to Desistance discusses the attractions of criminal life, challenges to desisting and finally making it through society’s unforgiving social, economic and political gauntlet. Narrative is story and narrative inquiry is a way to understanding and valuing lived experiences through story. Narrative inquiry methodology is the qualitative methodology used in reflecting the stories as voiced by the participants in this study. This dissertation is accompanied by 16 MP4 video files and a Dissertation Summary [PDF]. Six of the MP4 files are embedded in the Dissertation PDF and 10 are embedded in the Dissertation Summary. All are accessible as supplemental files. The electronic version of this dissertation is at AURA and OhioLink ETD Center,


Dr.Naomi Nightingale with her family and Chairperson, Dr. Carolyn Kenny

I’ve worked in public and government organizations all my professional life including the Los Angeles Unified School District as a teacher-adviser, the California State Senate in charge of District operations for the first Black female State Senator, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority as Deputy Executive Officer of Human Resources and Chief of Staff/EEOC Officer for a transit agency known nationally and internationally for its leading edge technologies in alternate fuels.It has been a remarkable experience.

As remarkable and rewarding as my professional career has been, my heart and spirit has always been deeply ingrained in the civil rights and social justice work and activism supporting the people in my communities – the communities where African Americans live, work, raise their children, suffer the disadvantages of education, economics and housing and the discriminatory practices of political and legislative actions that tend to manifest criminal behavior and result in disproportionate arrests and incarcerations.My dissertation, African American Men Who Give Voice to the Personal Transition from Criminality to Desistance (Voices), is about men who grew up in these communities, under these circumstances. But Voices is not about tragedy; it is about ex-offender survival, triumph, turning points and successful lives.

Naomi Nightingale, PhD

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Dissertation_Summary_with_clips.pdf (21380 kB)
Dissesrtation Summary w/video clips embedded, view in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader

DissClip_1.01_Author_Intro.mp4 (8194 kB)
Dissertation Cllip 1.01 Author Introduction

DissClip_4.01_Intro_to_Tony_Story.mp4 (8535 kB)
Dissertation Clip 4.01 Introduction to Tony's Story

DissClip_4.02_Aaron_Back_2_Basics.mp4 (5419 kB)
Dissertation Clip 4.02 Aaron Back to Basics

DissClip_4.03_Lynn_Desisting.mp4 (2979 kB)
Dissertation Clip 4.03 Lynn Desisting

DissClip_4.04_Michael_R_Turning_Point.mp4 (5094 kB)
Dissertation Clip 4.04 Michael R. Turning Point

DissClip_6.01_Sherwood_Leading_Change.mp4 (9440 kB)
Dissertation Clip 6.01 Sherwood Leading Change

SumDiss_23_Onset-Michael_M.mp4 (28225 kB)
Summary Clip 23 Onset Michael M

SumDiss_24_Absence_of_Men_Aaron.mp4 (6541 kB)
Summary Clip 24 Absence of Men Aaron

SumDiss_25_My_Father__Son_Anthony.mp4 (8285 kB)
Summary Clip 25 My Father Son Anthony

SumDiss_29_Prisons_Prisoners_MichaelM.mp4 (4557 kB)
Summary Clip 29 Prisons Prisoners Michael M

SumDiss_32_Desisting_DrugFree_Lynn.mp4 (2979 kB)
Summary Clip 32 Desisting Drugfree Lynn

SumDiss_33_Turning_Point_Religion_Papa_John.mp4 (7361 kB)
Summary Clip 33 Turning Point Religion Papa John

SumDiss_34__Changing_Time_MichaelR.mp4 (5094 kB)
Summary Clip 34 Changing Time Michael R

SumDiss_35_AgentforChange_Aaron.mp4 (17197 kB)
Summary Clip 35 Agent for Change Aaron

SumDiss_42_AgentforChange_Sherwood.mp4 (9440 kB)
Summary Clip 42 Agent for Change Sherwood

SumDiss_44_CaseforFutureActivism_Naomi.mp4 (10794 kB)