Carol Locher Ransone, PhD is a 2014 graduate of the PhD Program in Leadership and Change at Antioch University.

Dr. Carol Ransone at her Dissertation Defense

Left to Right : Dr. Carol Baron, Committee Member, Dr. Carol Ransone, Dr. Elizabeth Holloway, Dissertation Chair, Dr. Laurien Alexandre, Committee Member.

Not Pictured: Dr. Ron Rabin, External Reader


virtual work teams, digital teams, success, relationship, connection, distance, virtual work environment, virtual best practices, relational cultural theory, Relational Health Indices, mixed method, QUAN(qual), qualitative, quantitative, RCT, RHI, virtual continuum

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The evolution of technology in the 21st century has led to a greater understanding of the benefits and the challenges of expanding work relationships across geographical boundaries. This expansion has contributed to the development of a global society with over three million employee teleworkers (Global Workplace Analytics and the Telework Research Network, 2013). In spite of the advances in connecting across the globe technologically, the importance of successfully working together in a virtual work environment is grounded in relationships that foster individual growth and group cohesion. The human elements of connectivity are primary to the success of organizations as well as fulfillment of the individual. This study explores the importance of relationship within the world of virtual work and investigates the various aspects of virtual work environments to understand overall virtuality. The Relational Health Indices (RHI) were used as a foundation to build the means for measuring relationship quality among teammates. These were then explored as a means to provide insight into the importance of relationship within the world of virtual work. The primary research question for this study was: "What is the nature and influence of relationship on success in a virtual work environment?" Success is defined here as perceived team goal achievement, job satisfaction, and relationship satisfaction. The research design consists of a mixed-methods, descriptive, and correlational study looking at the nature and influence of relationship on success in a virtual work environment based on a hierarchical multiple regression analysis of data collected from an online survey. A content analysis of participant responses to open-ended survey questions was employed. Major findings include: the development of a tool to measure relationship quality teammates; the factors that influence perceived success; demographic differences in relationship quality; difference in importance of relationship versus the existence of relationship in virtual work environments; and the wide variation in the work environments of virtual workers. The electronic version of this dissertation is at OhioLink ETD Center,


Carol Locher Ransone

Profile _________________________________________

Senior-level professional with a proven track record of utilizing strong organizational skills in a variety of leadership roles. Results oriented manager who effectively builds strong partnerships. Leverages knowledge obtained from a broad professional experience in both technology and line management environments. A Six Sigma Green Belt and a Connective Leadership Institute Certified Practitioner (CLI-CP). Experienced in virtual team leadership. Ransone is an MBA graduate from Queens University in Charlotte NC and received her Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. Her dissertation was focused on the importance of relationship in virtual work environments and was defended in January 2014.

Skills _____________________________________________

Virtual Team Management

Change Management

Project Management

Process Improvement

Operational Management

Merchandising & Planning

Six Sigma Green Belt

Sales and Marketing

Customer Service

Technology Design

Building Partnerships

Mergers & Divestitures

Career ____________________________________________

Carol began her career with Milliken & Company, serving in a variety of production and technology project management roles supporting the manufacturing firm. In 1989 she began working with NCNB / NationsBank / Bank of America providing expertise in change management for the Finance and Human Resources Divisions. In 2000-2001 Carol continued to leverage her project management expertise as a management consultant. She rejoined the Finance Division of Bank of America in 2001 to build a central reporting function for scorecard reporting. In 2007 Carol moved to the Real Estate Division to build the operational foundation supporting the Bank’s flexible work program. The Ransone Group, LLC was established in 2012 to provide the umbrella for Carol’s consulting practice. She has consulted with the NC Department of Health and Human Services and is now on an engagement with Duke Energy.

Ransone Group, LLC

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