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Above: Dr. Vaillancourt's Innovative ETD Award [Networked Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations] acceptance video. The dissertation also was awarded Outstanding ETD Innovation Award from the Ohio Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association

Dr. Vaillancourt is a 2009 graduate of the PhD Program in Leadership & Change at Antioch University.

Dr. Vaillancourt is an Assistant Professor of Music Therapy, Faculty of the Fine Arts, Condordia University, Montreal. An accredited music therapist, Dr. Vaillancourt has worked internationally as a music therapist with a strong interest in peace and social justice initiatives. She is the North American Co-editor of the open access, peer reviewed international music therapy journal, Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy.


community music therapy, peace, social justice, arts-baased research, mentoring, phenomenology, participatory action research, apprenticeship, leadership, healthcare

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Community music therapy (CoMT) is a creative approach that liberates expressions, giving voice to groups of individuals of all age, status, and race who contribute, in their own way, to build a better society. In this dissertation, I intend to reveal some of the critical themes in the experiences and relationships that apprentice music therapists have with community music therapy, peace, social justice, leadership, and mentorship. Individual interviews were conducted with apprentice music therapists who participated in a co-researchers’ group experience using arts-based research (ABR) and participatory action research (PAR). Principles and foundations for a future model of practice in CoMT for peace and social justice emerged through ABR and phenomenology.This document contains embedded graphic files (JPG) and is accompanied by audio files (MP3).


This dissertation is accompanied by 21 Audio files attached below.

This dissertation won two awards:

  • ETD Innovative Award: Networked Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations, 2010
  • Outstanding ETD Innovation Award, Ohio Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association, 2010

This dissertation is also available in the open access archive, Ohiolink ETD CENTER

Track1.mp3 (488 kB)
Music 1: Entering

Track2.mp3 (1064 kB)
Music 2: Apprenticeship

Track3.mp3 (247 kB)
Music 3: Literature

Track4.mp3 (421 kB)
Music 4: Methodology

Track5.mp3 (284 kB)
Music 5: Narratives

Track6.mp3 (865 kB)
Music 6: Research Group

Track7.mp3 (947 kB)
Music 7: Community music therapy

Track8.mp3 (278 kB)
Music 8: Peace

Track9.mp3 (795 kB)
Music 9: Social justice

Track10.mp3 (1098 kB)
Music 10: Mentoring

Track11.mp3 (419 kB)
Music 11: Leadership

Track12.mp3 (479 kB)
Music 12: Mentoring & leadership

Track13.mp3 (283 kB)
Music 13: Training & mentoring

Track14.mp3 (517 kB)
Music 14: Essence

Track15.mp3 (245 kB)
Music 15: Interpretation

Track16.mp3 (393 kB)
Music 16: Nesting

Track17.mp3 (334 kB)
Music 17: Inner peace

Track18.mp3 (380 kB)
Music 18: Future implications

Track19.mp3 (711 kB)
Music 19: New vision

Track20.mp3 (161 kB)
Music 20: Leadership and change

Track21.mp3 (3349 kB)
Music 21: Coda