Lisa Rudduck, PhD, is a 2022 graduate of the Counselor Education & Supervision Program at Antioch University, Seattle.

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Dustin Destler, PhD, Committee Chair

Colin Ward, PhD, Committee Member

Kathie Gillet, PhD, Committee Member


co-occurring counseling, dual credentialed counselor, integrated care, SUD/Addiction counseling supervision, co-occurring counseling supervision

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Several challenges exist in the implementation of integrated care given that SUD/Addiction treatment has historically been segregated from the broader health care system (Office of the Surgeon General, 2016). One expression of the gap that persists is that for counselors who want to administer SUD/Addiction and mental health counseling, or co-occurring services, in Washington State they are required to satisfy state requirements for two separate credentials. The purpose of this study was to conduct an in-depth exploration into the training experiences of Dual Credentialed Counselors (DCCs) in Washington State where two separate credentials are required to administer co-occurring counseling. In this Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis, six participants agreed to share their training experiences. Two semi-structured interviews were conducted with each participant. Research study findings illuminated themes that reflected how participants made sense of their training experience given the segregation, features, and conditions that were part of the ecosystem within which they trained, and elucidated how they navigated the divisions that persist between SUD/Addiction and mental health counseling. Ultimately, the study revealed that there are several opportunities to develop training resources. The dearth of supervision models which specifically address the nuances and complexity of administering co-occurring counseling is a conspicuous gap to fill. Further research studies focused on the development of resources and supervision models, which address the training needs of DCCs, could contribute to the implementation of integrated care. This dissertation is available in open access at AURA ( and OhioLINK ETD Center (


Lisa Rudduck, PhD, 2022

ORCID Scholar ID# 0000-0002-4793-624X