Alexandra Schmidt is a 2013 graduate of the PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Santa Barbara.


sexual offenders, recidivism, aftercare

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The recidivism rate of eighteen sex offenders participating in Stepping Up, a voluntary aftercare program, was compared to the overall recidivism rate of convicted sexual offenders in California in order to determine the effectiveness of voluntary participation in a post-mandated treatment program. Attendance for a minimum of six months in Stepping Up was required for inclusion in the study, and recidivism rates were calculated by a review of records. Although participants in the Stepping Up aftercare program had a re-offense rate of 0%, results were not statistically significant when compared with California's overall recidivism rates. While a 0% recidivism rate is noteworthy when compared with the statewide average of 9.1%; the small size of this initial study is a barrier to meaningful statistical analysis. Additional studies of larger similar groups are recommended in order to determine the potential value of aftercare as a protective factor against recidivism. The electronic version of this dissertation is accessible at the Ohiolink ETD center,