Stephen Bauman is a 2013 graduate of the PhD Program in Leadership and Change at Antioch University.

Below: Dr. Bauman [center] at his Dissertation Defense with Dissertation Chair, Dr. Al Guskin, [left] and Committee Member, Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts, [right].


forgiveness, leadership, reflexive interviewing, psychology

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Over the last several decades forgiveness research has exploded across a wide array of scholarly disciplines from psychology and sociology to political theory, medicine and the arts, but it has not yet captured the full attention of researchers concerned specifically with leadership. This situation is further complicated by the lack of an agreed-upon definition/understanding of forgiveness both within and across disciplines. This study explores what high profile leaders think about forgiveness and begins to fill the gap in leadership studies concerning the meanings and applications of forgiveness among leaders. Data was gathered through responsive interviewing of 13 high profile leaders on what they think about forgiveness. Their responses delineating congruencies, discrepancies, philosophical and/or theological frameworks, applications and experiences are reported with rich description. Areas for further research are recommended. The electronic version of this Dissertation is at OhioLink ETD Center,


Rev. Stephen Bauman, PhD, is senior minister of Christ Church United Methodist, in New York, NY. He is the author of Simple Truths: On Values, Civility and Our Common Good, Abingdon Press, 2006. This book brings to print his very popular one-minute daily inspirational messages on WCBS Radio in NYC, where he is also a commentator.