Renee Charney, Ph.D., is a 2017 graduate of the PhD Program in Leadership and Change in the Graduate School of Leadership and Change at Antioch University

Dr. Renee Charney at her Dissertation Defense with her Dissertation Committee Members.

L-R: Dr. Mary Ann Reilly, Committee Member, Dr. Charney, Dr. Elizabeth Holloway, Dissertation Chair, [Not Shown, Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts, Committee Member]

Dissertation Committee

  • Elizabeth Holloway, Ph.D., Chair
  • Laura Morgan Roberts, Ph.D., Committee Member
  • Mary Ann Reilly, Ed.D., Committee Member

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The purpose of this theoretical case study was to explore the lived experiences of members within an inter-professional team about how they learn and adapt while dedicating their lives toward the well-being of students residing in and attending a rehabilitation home school. Although there is broad literature that addresses legacy learning theories and frameworks, as well as complex-adaptive organizations, very little shows how the application of rhizome philosophy principles address learning and adapting within an organizational context. This study is a step toward addressing that gap. Using interviews, thematic analysis, and storyline networking, the study explored in depth the lived experiences of 16 administrative, therapy, and educational staff who worked at the school. By using organizational storytelling as a means to unearth and analyze the team members’ 194 stories, a rich web of connection and awareness emerged. Their stories demonstrated new ways of being, learning, and adapting both within and outside the school, and revealed alignment with rhizome philosophy principles of connection, multiplicity, heterogeneity, a signifying rupture(s), and cartography, as well as alignment with legacy and traditional learning theories and frameworks, thereby offering a new lens of learning within organizations called, Rhizomatic Learning in Organizations (RLO). This study is an opportunity to expand and enhance ways of considering learning and adapting within organizations by introducing and supporting rhizomatic behaviors and principles within collectives as they work together. This dissertation is available in open access at AURA: Antioch University Repository and Archive, and Ohiolink ETD Center,


Renee Charney, Ph.D.

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Renee Charney is an executive and leadership coach and consultant who partners with executives, leaders, and organizations to help them gain clarity with what is most important to them and to their organizations through exploring key issues and asking powerful questions. Because of her capacity to get to the heart of what is meaningful and important, she guides her clients in identifying and removing barriers that might be blocking their success. Renee’s expertise is grounded in coaching and facilitating individual, leadership, and team growth, and in leading initiatives that influence ongoing development and deepening capacity through learning and discovery. Her clients learn to learn, they discover the power of unlearning, and they engage in conversations and practices that deepen their capacity to adapt to their changing and complex environments. Renee engages as a thought partner so that others may explore, deepen awareness, and unlock potential, which leads them to apply and put into action their intuitive strengths. Renee’s commitment to asking powerful questions and developing capability drives her clients to develop their own solutions, build and maintain deeply effective relationships, enhance individual and team performance, and achieve business results that span across, and are inclusive of, the leader, team members, and the overall organization.

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