Gurjeet Sidhu, Psy.D., is a 2017 graduate of the PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Seattle

Dissertation Committee

Jude Bergkamp, Psy.D., Committee Chair

Michael Sakuma, Ph.D., Committee Member

Barbara Bettelyoun, Ph.D., Committee Member


Ground Theory, Qualitative, Individual Versus Collective Orientation, Internalized oppression, West is Best, South Asian Psychotherapists Perspective, Cultural Appropriation

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The following study explored the experience of Indian psychotherapists applying Western psychotherapy to Indians. Charmaz’ (2006) Grounded theory methodology was utilized. Seven Indian psychotherapists were interviewed. Interview data yielded the theory of Modification as Resistance. Modification as Resistance captured Indian psychotherapists' attempts to modify Western psychotherapy to resist the erosion of local ways of healing due to the dominance of Western science. Results add to existing critiques of Western psychotherapy applied to Eastern populations. Recommendations based on results are offered to facilitate evidence-based practice (American Psychological Association [APA], 2006) with diverse populations. This dissertation is available in open access at AURA and Ohio Link ETD Center, https://etd.ohiolink.etd.



Gurjeet Sidhu, Psy.D., 2017

ORCID Scholar # 0000-0002-1709-0001