Cailin Qualliotine, Psy.D., is a 2017 graduate of the PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Seattle

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Alejandra Suarez, Ph.D., Committee Chair

Tricia Teneycke, Psy.D., Committee Member

Scott Edwards, Ph.D., Committee Member


Clinical Supervision, Culture, Hermeneutics, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

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There is little consensus within research and literature on how best to approach the supervisory relationship and experience. This lack of consensus is concerning due to the central role that supervision has in shaping each generation of clinicians and psychotherapists. Relational theory offers a philosophical grounding for inquiring as to what individuals find most significant in their experiences of supervisory relationships. In order to emphasize mutuality within a clearly asymmetrical arrangement, both supervisors and supervisees were interviewed in a qualitative study. Twenty individuals; 10 supervisors and 10 supervisees participated. The study was designed to shed light on significant and impactful experiences from each stakeholder’s position to help identify cultural artifacts that are embodied and transmitted in supervision. Three primary themes arose from the data: Emotional Experiences, Growth and Learning Processes, and Self and Others. The findings supported relational approaches to supervision, which were effective in supporting supervisees and fostering mutuality and connection in participants' supervisory experiences. This research study highlighted artifacts within the field of psychology such as supervisory evaluation, presence, and dynamics of oppression, and liberation.


Cailin Qualliotine, Psy.D., 2017.

ORCID Scholar # 0000-0002-0889-5967

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