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Dyanna Innes Smith, Ph.D., is a 2016 graduate of the Ph.D. Program in Environmental Studies at Antioch University, New England

Dissertation Committee:

  • Alesia Maltz, Ph.D., Committee Chair
  • Fred Taylor, Ph.D., Committee Member
  • Heidi Watts, Ph.D., Committee Member


Participatory Video, Participatory Research, Narrative Theory, Filmmaking, Environmental Communications, Community Filmmaking, Sustainable Agriculture, New Hampshire, Small Farms, Sustainable Farming, Sustainability Communication

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The goal of this research was to conduct a qualitative study applying narrative theory to participatory video methodologies in order to better understand how the process of filmmaking can be used to create a method of sustainability communication. To do this, the study collaborated with individuals who are currently practicing different types of sustainable agriculture on small farms in southern New Hampshire. A group of five farms participated in a new method of filmmaking designed to blend specific elements of participatory video technique with principles of narrative theory. This method included camera training, filmed personal interviews, participants filming their own farming methods, a group editing session and public screenings of the group film. The filmmaking process resulted in the successful emergence of shared sustainability themes, documented through the on-camera interviews, participant narration and visual imagery. Participants reported increased confidence in communicating their sustainability practices. The use of film and visual narrative revealed the art of everyday life for the participants, creating a narrative intimacy and social connections within the group that are evident on viewing their filmed stories. The study yielded results that can be used by both participatory video and narrative inquiry practitioners, and successfully created a new method for sustainability communication. The study also resulted in the 42-minute documentary film Piglets and Perspectives; an emergent narrative revealing innovations in sustainability on small farms in southern New Hampshire, as told by the farmers themselves. This dissertation is accompanied by the documentary film [.mp4], the milkweed short film [.mp4], and the pilot project film [.mp4]. The electronic version of this Dissertation is at OhioLink ETD Center,


Dyanna Innes Smith

ORCID Scholar ID# 0000-0002-5046-794X

Piglets-and-Perspectives-Section1of5-Dyanna-Smith.mp4 (97589 kB)
Supplement 1: Piglets and Perspectives, Section 1 of 5

Piglets-and-Perspectives-Section2of5-Dyanna-Smith.mp4 (134076 kB)
Supplement 2: Piglets and Perspectives, Section 2 of 5

Piglets-and-Perspectives-Section3of5-Dyanna-Smith.mp4 (116453 kB)
Supplement 3: Piglets and Perspectives, Section 3 of 5

Piglets-and-Perspectives-Section4of5-Dyanna-Smith.mp4 (185253 kB)
Supplement 4: Piglets and Perspectives, Section 4 of 5

Piglets-and-Perspectives-Section5of5-Dyanna-Smith.mp4 (193050 kB)
Supplement 5: Piglets and Perspectives, Section 5 of 5

Milkweed-DyannaSmith-SD-Oct10-2010.mp4 (28187 kB)
ConvalPilot-DyannaSmith-Dec2011.mp4 (91402 kB)