Cullen Patrick Hardy is a 2015 graduate of the PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, New England

Dissertation Committee

Theodore Ellenhorn, PhD, Committee Chair
Lorraine Mangione, PhD, Committee Member
Cynthia Whitaker, PsyD, Committee Member


misperceptions, alcohol abuse, college drinking, college students, social influence, binge drinking

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Alcohol abuse, often in the form of binge drinking, is a problem that every college campus faces. Many researchers suggest that students believe that their peers drink more alcohol than is actually true, and use such a perception as a justification to drink more alcohol than should be consumed (Perkins, Haines, & Rice, 2005). The purpose of this study is to understand whether presenting normative information on drinking behavior among college students in two different ways (focus on heavy drinking or focus on abstinence) has an effect on the perceptions of drinking behavior.


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