Crystal LaBass is a 2015 graduate of the PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Seattle.

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Suzanne Engelberg, Ph.D., Committee Chair
Alejandra Suarez, Ph.D., Committee Member
Heidi Vander Pol, Psy.D., Committee Member


Third Culture Kids, resilience, multiple regression

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The number of children raised in internationally mobile families (Third Culture Kids, or TCKs) is on the rise due to a growing trend towards globalization (Hoersting & Jenkins, 2011; Pollock & Van Reken, 2009). These individuals share numerous characteristics and a distinct cultural perspective (Pollock & Van Reken, 2009). A stepwise multiple regression analysis was conducted to examine the relationship between resilience (as measured by the Conner-Davidson Resilience Scale), self-concept consistency (as measured by the Self Concept Clarity Scale), and the degree to which one has lived the TCK experience (as measured by the number of relocations experienced) in a sample of 144 adult TCKs. Results revealed a significant negative correlation between self-concept consistency and resilience. This correlation is uncommon in previously conducted research of non-TCKs. Possible explanations for this correlation are explored, as well as the clinical implications of these findings. The electronic version of this dissertation is at OhioLink ETD Center,

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