Dr. Merrill Mayper is a 2014 graduate of the Ph.D. Program in Leadership & Change at Antioch University.

Above: Dr. Merrill Mayper at her Dissertation Defense, July 29, 2014, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Left to Right : Jon Wergin, Ph.D., Committee Chair; Dr. Merrill Mayper; Laura Morgan Roberts, Ph.D., Committee Member

Not Pictured: Ron Hurkin, Ph.D., Committee Member; Diane Gillespie, Ph.D., External Reader


higher education, diversity, transforamtive learing, multiculturalism, Delphi Method, self-reflection, adult learning theory

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As the United States becomes more diverse nation, institutions of higher learning continue to promote diversity education on their campuses. The purpose of this study was to go beyond courses designed to teach cultural diversity specifically, and to discover how higher education faculty could include lessons on acceptance of difference and equality in the various disciplines of general education taught in today's colleges and universities. Faculty could thereby create an opportunity for students to challenge their mental models and, through transformative learning, change their perceptions on how they view the world. Using the Delphi method, this study brought together a panel of 15 experienced general education faculty, who came to an agreement on ten attributes and abilities a faculty must have to incorporate lessons of diversity in a variety of general education classes. The panel also agreed upon ten challenges a faculty member might have with this effort. The results of this study will provide a foundation for faculty development on how to develop these attributes and abilities and overcome the challenges of incorporating diversity lessons in general education. The electronic version of this dissertation is at OhioLink ETD Center,


Dr. Merrill Mayper was born and raised in NY and moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1974. She earned her Master of Arts in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix where she has been a Certified Advanced Facilitator since 2000 in both online and live classroom modalities. Currently she works for the State of Arizona as a trainer for the Department of Economic Security.