Dr. Moudy Elbayadi is a 2014 graduate of the PhD Program in Leadership & Change at Antioch University.

Above: Dr. Moudy Elbayadi [center] at his Dissertation Defense, Yellow Springs, Ohio 2014 with Dr. Mitch Kusy [left], Committee Member and Dr. Carolyn Kenny [right], Dissertation Chair.

Committee members not pictured : Dr. Ann L. Cunliffe, Committee Member and Dr. Brian Kolo, External Reader


DevOps, technology management, relational leadership, leadership practices, social construction, scholarly personal narrative, SPN, technology operations, IT, Information technology

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This theoretically oriented scholarly personal narrative (SPN) explored how the constructionist view of relational leadership might be applied in a post-PC technological era marked by fast-paced innovation and an always ontechnology organization and infrastructure. Through reflecting on my personal and professional experience, I hope to offer the reflective scholar-practitioner new ways of thinking, present relational practices and suggest ways of being a leader participating in the fast-paced technology driven world. This new way of being combined both relational leadership and new DevOps practices that reduce organizational friction, break down departmental silos, and increase employee engagement in technology operations. Through this inquiry, I uncovered several practices and ways of being that are grounded in philosophical, theoretical, and social domains. In challenging the taken-for-granted reality of managing technology, I am attempting to produce practices for higher performance, humane, sustainable, and inspiring corporate information technology (IT) departments. For information regarding full-text access, please contact the author at:


Moudy E. Elbayadi, PhD

Dr. Moudy Elbayadi is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at ID Analytics, Inc., the leader in consumer risk management with patented analytics, proven expertise, and real-time behavioral insight. As CIO, Dr. Elbayadi is accountable for the overall strategic direction and execution of information technology infrastructure, big data technology, service delivery, architecture, as well as data centers, networks and information security.

A recognized thought leader in the practical application of technology to deliver competitive business solutions, Dr. Elbayadi is passionate about enabling great customer experiences and helping technology companies compete on the web as the primary channel of delivering value to customers and clients. In addition to supporting large-scale web operations (100+ million users), Elbayadi is skilled at attracting, developing, and retaining great technical talent. Evoking excellence in others, building high performing teams and creating a great place to work form the principles he strives to apply each day. His recent research and study has centered on developing practices for relational leaders that want to transform their organizations by cultivating a DevOps culture and community of technology professionals.

Over the past 18 years, Dr. Elbayadi has held both technical and business positions including service in banking and finance, legal, and large technology companies. Prior to joining ID Analytics in June 2013, Dr. Elbayadi held various leadership positions at the ACTIVE Network, Intuit, Inc., and IndyMac Bank. Most recently he served as the Vice President of global technology operations at the Active Network, where he helped lead a large IT transformation that included consolidating over 20 data centers, acquisitions and integration, and developing a next-gen hosting platform.

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