Carolynn B. Shor is a 2014 graduate of the PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Santa Barbara


Bipolar disorder, Quality of Life, QoL, treatment plan, therapist, therapy; qualitative, case study, psychotherapy

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This qualitative bounded case study focuses on how the therapist integrates the quality of life into his or her treatment plan when treating a bipolar patient. Quality of life may be defined as an individual's perception of his or her position in life in relation to psychological and physical health, social relationships, goals, expectations, and environment (WHO, 1995). This study specifically explored how therapists treat their bipolar patients and how they integrate QoL into therapy. Two men and seven women were interviewed in Santa Barbara, California. The criterion for participants included licensed psychologists who have treated at least one bipolar patient in the past. Participants were recruited from local agencies as well as through connections through fellow mental health professionals, university professors and colleagues. Using a case study analysis, an integration of quality of life was interpreted to observe common themes. The electronic version of this Dissertation is accessible in the open-access Ohiolink ETD Center