moo is a collection of calling poems. To those long gone and those not yet born. To those in hard places around the globe. To those lost and struggling. To those who must fend for themselves. To hope. Always. To hope. "Paula C. Lowe roots the poetry of moo in a rural earth of gritty survival," says author Molly Best Tinsley. "These are poems of extraordinary focus, from the 'neck of a kitten' to the 'spit of a warlord's speech.' Minnesota poet Sharon Chmielarz says, "From Pipestone to Wounded Knee, from Midwest to Middle East, from Afghanistan to the lobotomized in an American hospital, in Paula C. Lowe's moo poems "...every window (is) unlocked (to) let wind inside. It's a pleasure to read muscled, rhythmic, disciplined yet flowing stanzas and lines. O! Lest I forget, "Slim Moon" is one of the best moon poems in a decade. And, at last, a new take on "Danny Boy": "o dani." Got milk? Get moo." Rosi Loval of Oslo says, "Lowe captures ancestry in our cells." Selected poems are translated into Norwegian to honor immigrants in the 1800's. And Missouri poet James O. Ferrugia says, "this is storytelling born of the country." In moo, you will find yourself and your people and your times and your past and your earth and your nature and your hope. Whether you read a lot or a little, these poems will make you laugh and cry and wonder who you are. Poet Paula C. Lowe lives out of town three hours north of LA. Her poems appear in dozens of literary journals, and several anthologies. She holds a graduate degree from the University of Washington and has authored half a dozen non-fiction books. An Iowa farmer's daughter, she spent years in the Northwest, Bahama Islands and the central coast of California.


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