The academic prayer : an inspirational guide for college success

The academic prayer : an inspirational guide for college success



It is an exciting time when students are accepted into college and begin their classes. But when they encounter challenges, what does it take to stay? The Academic Prayer provides the inspirational guidance that every student needs to help them graduate from college. Common and unique challenges blended with inspirational commentary and prayers are included in The Academic Prayer. It was designed to help all types of students deal with their issues, persist, and ultimately graduate. The book suggests how students can develop a relationship with God and make a commitment to conquer their challenges things that keep them from graduating in a timely manner. College students often cry out, Dear Lord, Please help me graduate! Many of them find it difficult or lack the knowledge of how to change things through prayer and application. The low graduation rates at colleges across the country are very disturbing. What students need are spiritually infused resolutions that will guide them toward success. The Academic Prayer reveals what students are going through and the common mistakes they make in college. The Academic Prayer delivers the advice that college students need. Some of the topics include: money management, understanding college transcripts, culture shock, diversity, abusive relationships, professors, distance learning, academic honesty, campus living and safety, depression, and navigating through administrative challenges. The wisdom and advice provided will also help adult learners which can build their confidence, help then adjust to college life, and fulfill their dream of earning their diploma. Many books are available to help students learn how to get into college, but The Academic Prayer is uniquely designed with inspirational advice and strategies to keep students from dropping out, and helping them to graduate with confidence.


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The academic prayer : an inspirational guide for college success

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