Submissions from 2015


U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit Road Test: Bridging the Data-Practice Divide A summary report by Antioch University New England Center for Climate Resilience and Community Preparedness April 2015, Abigail Abrash Walton PhD, Michael Simpson MS, Marilyn Castriotta MS, Nikolis Gualco, Robert Kelley, Michael Spitze, and Joanna Wozniak-Brown PhD


Enhancing climate change adaptation: strategies for community engagement and university-community partnerships, Michael Simpson MS, James Gruber PhD, Jason Rhoades PhD, Latham Stack, Leslie Yetka, and Robert Wood

Submissions from 2014


Students Dig Deep in the Mystery Investigation Soil Lab A Playful, Inquiry-Based Soil Laboratory Project, Rachel K. Thiet PhD

Submissions from 2010


Conservation Through Different Lenses: Reflection, Responsibility, and the Politics of Participation in Conservation Advocacy, Abigail Abrash Walton PhD

Submissions from 2004


Soil-Related Habitat Specialization in Dipterocarp Rain Forest Tree Species in Borneo, Peter Palmiotto PhD, Stuart J. Davies, Kristiina Vogt, Mark Ashton, Daniel Vogt, and Peter Ashton