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6.09 Faculty Workload Policies

6.10 Summary of Faculty Workloads

6.11 List of Full-time and Part-time Faculty

6.12 List of Support Personnel in Unit

6.13 Faculty Development Expenditures

6.14 List of Facilities, Including Computer Labs and Curriculum Resource Centers Office for Educator Development and Clinical Practice

6.1 Policies on Governance and Operations of the Unit.

6.2 Descriptions of the Unit Governance Structure, including Organization Charts.

6.3 Minutes Unit Governance Committee Meetings

6.4 Unit Policies on Student Services Such as Counseling and Advising

6.5 Recruiting and Admissions Policies

6.6 Academic Calendars, Catalogues, Unit Publications, Grading Policies, and Unit Advertising

6.7 Unit Budget

6.8 Budgets of Comparable Units